Most air conditioners and heaters at households are convective. It means that they cool or warm the entire air in the space to get to your animal friend.

Two problems. First, the amount of air they need to cool and warm are enormous compared to the volume of the animal. And second, air, is one of the least heat conductive material we have around.

Aridus Den is conductive for both cooling and heating. In fact, it uses the same component for both cooling and heating, known as thermoelectric module. 

The module heats and cools a panel of aluminum alloy, one of the most heat conductive element around us, and it spreads the temperature on the sitting surface evenly.

By comparison, a small New York style-living room that is 10' x 20' x 9' has 1800 cubic feet of air to reach your animal that is less than one cubic feet. Aridus Den? zero, as it's convective. Air versus Aluminum? over 8,000 times of heat conductivity.

Stacked with it's smart energy control, leaving Aridus Den on at all times consumes only about the same amount of energy that a regular 60W light bulb would, if it was lit only for a few hours at night.