Emotional attachment

We like to buy new things for them. A new warm pet bed for the winter, a new wooden house for the spring, a cooling pad for the summer.

We keep buying them, partially because they only work for a specific (narrow) temperature range, and also because your loved one simply does not recognize it as their home.

Aridus Den is the all-season solution that goes much cooler than what a cooling pad can handle on a hot summer day, and much warmer than a thick fluffy houses in a cold winter day. 

A sensor monitors ambient temperature real time and another sensor locates millimeters beneath their body, to get the accuracy that a home thermostat can never achieve.

All-season also means that the house isn't getting replaced every few months, and that will grow an emotional attachment as their own private space that is always comfortable.

Moving every few months versus living in one house for years. Which would feel more like being at home?