Fully autonomous

 While the ambient temperature is within the comfort zone, it idles, periodically checking the temperature. Once a decent amount of temperature differential is detected, it will cool or warm towards the ideal temperature by a few degree, in order to both welcome the animal in and to lure them as many of them can feel the temperature of the destination without being there. Once the occupancy is detected, it goes into a full cooling/warming mode with it's speed curve set by the animal's weight - the heavier the animal is, the harder it pushes to get to the optimal stage.

 The occupancy pattern is learned and will prepare Aridus Den to react faster or be more energy efficient. If the animal does not come in for an extended period of time, it will go into different stages of energy savings mode, just like your laptop or a smartphone to save energy.

 So whether the season has changed, or the animal has gone for a vacation, there is never a need to adjust temperature. Just plug in, and let them enjoy.